Many of these drawings were created during either group sessions or while riding the train. Drawing helps me to stay focused on what is going on around me. If it wasn't rude to continuously draw during conversations with people, I would. :)
Some of them are tattoo designs, some are self-portraits and some include "Moments"- what I call my short poetry. You can't read many of the "Moments" without clicking on the images and seeing them in full. Please click on the images.
If you wish to read more of my "Moments," please visit
Towards the bottom, you will see my "Brain Chart." It is a "map" of the way that my mind works, created quickly & subconsciously during a hospitalization. At the center of the page is the top of my head. The things in front of my face are the images I see and the things behind my head are the things that I hear. If you click on "View Image" you can enlarge it & zoom in to read it in detail.
There is one painting- It is a 3'x4' copy of a painting that my sister saw in her church and sent me a picture of on my phone. The image she sent me is pictured first and the re-creation is pictured right after it. My husband and I re-created the painting together. We made a few changes, but pretty much stayed true to the original.
There is also a short animation at the bottom of the page.
Thank you for looking and I'd love to hear what you think!