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Website created in February, 2015

Hi! And welcome to "Heart Shaped Heart" - A place where you can see some of my art. My name is Kerry Vera Lea and I am a NYC artist. You can read more about me on the "About" page.

The word "Anekantavada" means "The Multiplicity of Reality" and that is how I like my work to be experienced. I don't like talking about, or explaining art. I like to create with my eyes and my hands and then leave my work up to the viewer to feel what it means to them/you. So please enjoy and take from my pieces whatever you feel.

You can see more of my work at

I am also a Singer/Songwriter. You can listen to some of my songs on by clicking here: Kerry's Music 

You can further indulge in my life by visiting my Instagram page: @KerryVeraLea

I hope you are feeling great and I hope you enjoy what you see... or that it makes you feel something other than what you were feeling before you came upon this page :)


To get in touch, please email:
Or Call: 917.603.8196
Monday-Friday before 8pm,
NYC time.

Looking forward to hearing from you!